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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Hope!

Wow,  a New Year.  I have a sinking feeling it's not going to be terribly different than last year, or the year before, but there's ALWAYS hope - and hope does funny things...It makes people do things like start websites., for instance

Sometimes, hope can be misguided.
Even if this year isn't terribly different than last, the older you get, the more you notice that things change very slowly, and mostly over 5 and 10 years, not so much year to year.  I think that's why when we were young, time passed so slowly.  New experiences, new moments, new everything.  Now, we have to create these moments for ourselves.

It's one of the reasons we're so excited about this project - we're creating something new.  We're creating something that tens of thousands of other people will get to experience for the first time - and hopefully enjoy.

We're creating a platform to help all craft brewers get more exposure, by increasing consumer awareness and access to a wider variety of their products.

So here's to a New Year - the year we get this project rolling.  We think people will use it.  We certainly hope they will!


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