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Friday, April 13, 2012

Mountain Sun Pub and Brewery Part Deux!

Mountain Sun Boulder Part 2

So Mountain Sun is a quirky little spot - quirky in a good way, like Robin Williams in Mork and Mindy.  Boulderites will appreciate the reference, as the house the TV show used for exterior shots is located in Boulder, not terribly far from Mountain sun itself.   From the colorful murals and artwork, to the originality of the menu, the place is genuinely unique (unless you’re from Oregon, then it all seems strangely familiar…). 

One of the coolest parts of the restaurant, and trust me I appreciate this from a management perspective, is that each employee is required to work different parts of the house – front and back.  Your cook one day might be serving you the next or even managing that day, so that’s cool, but honestly it’s a great approach to service, and they get a top notch score in my book.  For more, visit them at

So on with the reviews –

Illusion Dweller (on nitro):

What a great beer.  Maybe my favorite of the day J.   A good Amber color, and a bit hazy, this IPA is not like other IPA’s on the West Coast, which for the most part are insanely hoppy.  Illusion Dweller has strong malty overtones, with a good backdrop of floral hoppiness.  Incredibly smooth on Nitro.  Another must drink if you’re in town.


Now here’s a West Coast IPA to be proud of.  Really nice to experience this after the Illusion Dweller, as they play off one another real well.  This brew is again a hazy amber, with a strong foamy head.  Extremely hop forward and resinous, with additional citrus overtones.  There is a nice maltiness in the background to kind of help balance out the hop character – but make no mistake, it’s hoppy.  Overall a very drinkable beer, and great counterbalance to some of the others we tasted today.

Dropkick Stout: 

Why not finish with a Stout?  While not out of this world, this is a readily drinkable American Stout, and is really pretty good.  Pitch black in color with a thin, brown head, this beer has a strong smoky taste to it with good malt character.  It’s well balanced with a hoppy background, and has a great feel in the mouth.  Finishes kind of clean and dry which is nice.

All in all, we had a tremendous experience at Mountain Sun, and if you’re in the Denver Metro area, please stop in and say hi.  Great people with a great product!

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