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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Big Choice Brewing Co - Broomfield, Co.

It’s a beautiful thing when a brewery opens up just blocks from your house. It’s even better when you pull up to their grand opening and see families and kids and bouncy castles. I love bouncy castles…unfortunately I had to pass up the opportunity. This time.

 Walking up to the taproom, we introduced ourselves to the staff manning the door. They could not have been friendlier and welcoming, despite what seemed like overwhelming mass hysteria going on behind them. Glad to see they were busy and receiving some quality local support from the community.

 Inside, Operation Ivy was politely playing in the background, one of my favorite bands. Went up to the bar and met one of the brewers, Nathaniel. Although very busy, it was great to meet him, and awesome he took the time to do so. Four beers on tap: Saison, Type III IPA, Disconnected Red, and Poblano Stout. Turns out they’re all really good, but my personal favorite was the Saison. Anyone in the Front Range should try and stop by.

 Big Choice Brewing Saison –

 Nice sunny day = Saison drinking weather. Especially this one. True to form, this brew has exceptional carbonation, a beautiful golden-to-orange color, and deep haze. Strong head. Nose is full of fruity overtones, and yeast. Taste isn’t overly bold, with a nice mild sweetness. Very light in the hop department, which is perfect, and again a strong wheat/yeasty flavor. Really great beers, and nice atmosphere. I will most certainly return, and am looking forward to it, as long as they keep cranking the punk/ska over the speakers. Bouncy castles not required, but always appreciated.

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