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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Euclid Dining Hall - Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

If you like craft beer, coming to Euclid Dining Hall in Denver, Co. is better than waking up on Christmas Day as a kid, and finding a huge pony in your living room.  Or bicycle.  Or whatever it was you really wanted, but knew you’d never get.  Their craft beer menu is just that incredible.  And the food is just ridiculously good.  Let me just post their beer menu for you.

Yeah, so some of these are a bit pricey, but it's an incredible selection nonetheless.  We dropped by one afternoon for lunch hoping to run into a friend and beer afficinado that works there (Hi Christi!).  She wasn't there, so that sucked, but what a great place.  Knowledgeable staff.  Beautifully orchestrated menu.  Check this out - Tur-duck-en made by their chefs in fast forward.  Skip this if you don't like meat.

Boulevard Tank #7 Farmhouse Ale:

I'm a huge fan of farmhouse ales, especially during warm weather.  There is just something about a good farmhouse ale that can't be topped.

This one came poured in tulip glass, with a seriously heavy head.  Moderately golden straw in color with just a little bit of haze, it is a beautiful beer to look at.

Really nice aroma, with strong fruit overtones, particularly a citrusy grapefruit scent, but also a noticeable yeast smell.

In terms of taste, is just plain good.  Fairly hoppy for a Saison, but also has a nice light malt character going on.  Some peppery flavors happening as well, but very citrus-forward.  Fairly carbonated, this farmhouse ale finished very crisp and on the dry side.

So if you find yourself in the Denver, swing by for a brew.  You certainly won't regret it.
Happy hours daily from 3-6pm


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