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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Airports and Craft Beer - Singletrack Copper Ale

Airports are strange places.  Great for people watching and contracting diseases doctors thought only survived in Petri dishes, or maybe a lost virus re-discovered in some subterranean ice sheet.  Dirty, but overall quite entertaining.  The Denver Airport is one of my favorites.  Not because it runs well or is clean, but because of the many mysteries surrounding it.   Driving in, you’re greeted by this monstrosity:

I want your soul.
I am the ruler of this domain.

Nothing says “welcome visitors!” like a creepy-ass blue Bronco with red eyes.  Why? With the red eyes?  Totally unnecessary, and simultaneously disturbing.  Oh, and it fell on -and killed- the sculptor who created it.   There’s a whole litany of craziness and documented paranoia surrounding DIA.   A few enticing tidbits about some of the murals on the walls:

“An African woman in colorful native garb; a Native American woman who’s heritage the airport’s art supposedly celebrates; a blonde girl with cupid bow lips, a Star of David on her chest and a bible in her hands. Each lay dead in open coffins for your viewing pleasure.”

 “A burning city, children sleeping on piles of bricks, a line of mourning women in rags with dead babies, limp in their arms. A huge, looming military figure in a gas mask brandishes a sword and machine gun. Part of an actual note written by a child interred in a Nazi death camp. Strange words embedded in the floor with no explanation about what they mean.”

Not exactly the pick-me-ups one is looking for after a cramped flight.  (More here if you’re interested  

Beer, beer, beer.  Change the subject.  Airport bars are fabulous for atypical reasons.  From the White Zinfandel drinking Account Exec., to the Double Vodka Bloody Mary-drinking Kids Camp Counselor, these airport watering holes make travelling so much more enjoyable.  So, to Lefty’s Front Range Grille at DIA, thanks for the good times.  And for having craft beer on tap.

Singletrack Copper Ale – Boulder Beer Company

Boulder Beer is Colorado’s first microbrewery, and received the 43rd brewing license issued nationally, so massive props right there.  This brew arrived on draft, in a pint glass, and was just a little hazy and light coppery red in color.  Finger and a half of head which dissipated quickly. 

Smelled of light citrus and thick caramel.   Taste is very similar to the smell, with caramel and toffee notes mixed with just enough citrus.  Medium carbonation.

While I can’t say this beer stands out in any particular way, it’s certainly not terrible either.  I’d have it again, if I were stuck in the airport, but there are just too many similar beers out there.

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