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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Post Because I Wanted to Write an Early Christmas Post, but Hate It When People Do That

I love Thanksgiving.  Pure and simple.  I love my family, I love the people I spend it with and freaking love Roast Turkey (oh yeah, and football!).  Every year I swear to roast a Turkey more often.  Why wouldn't you?
Sad Turkey is sad...but so delicious!

   Dine on Roast Turkey and its accoutrements.  Eat Turkey Sandwiches forever.   Have Hot Turkey Soup for the upcoming cold weather.  It's just retarded I only roast ONE a year.  Of course there's the point of view that maybe that's why I like it so much; that the anticipation makes the dish, so to speak.  Horse pucky, I say.  I don't know if that's how you spell horse pucky, but now it's done....and on the Internet, which makes it true.  See what I did there?

Anyhow, I did a quick Facebook Survey ( just to get a some idea of what people pairing their Turkey with on Thanksgiving.   Some results:

From W. Scneider: "IPA goes with everything!"  You know what? Excellent point!

From C. Felkins: "...White Rascal before dinner, Gulden Caroulis to share with dinner, and my own little      bottle of Consecration or Supplication to wrap it all up".  Big points.  Someone clearly knows her stuff :)

Then came the next one, from B. Metzker (my dad incidentally):  Beerfandel...

I realize you may not know my dad.  He's extremely intelligent, an excellent writer and master of the English language.  He's also very sarcastic, so I'm stuck not knowing what the hell Beerfandel is.  Is he trying to trick me?  Am I just missing an obscure reference?  I suspect the latter.

 I even Googled it, and found one reference here  Possibly a reference to mulled wine?  Ack....So I Googled "Beerfandel Beer"....No luck.  Google politely asked if intended to search for "Barf and Beer".   Definitely time to give up....Just have to ask him I suppose.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, I'll be sure to crack one open for all four of you following this blog.  Cheers!

***UPDATE:  Yeah, a joke...simple combination of beer + Zinfandel.   Way to over think things....


  1. Beerfandel is similar to, but different than, cabeernet sauvignon.