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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

JK Metzker, Thanks For Everything

We all extol the principles of the dangers of drinking and driving.  We all read or see stories in the news about "so-and-so killed by drunk driver", or "drunk driver slams into such-and-such".  I remember being horribly upset when I found out Charlie Davies (linked to Wikipedia Page if you're unfamiliar with his story) was involved in a wreck just prior to the world cup.  Lacerated bladder.  Broken right femur.  Broken right fibula.  Fractured elbow.  Multiple facial fractures. Bleeding on the brain.  His chances to go the World Cup were dashed and a burgeoning professional career almost ended, but fortunately, Charlie Davies lived.

Now I feel guilty for caring as much as I did.

     "KTVN-TV is very sad to announce that Channel 2 News Sports Director JK Metzker died Sunday afternoon from injuries he suffered after being struck by a vehicle."
     "The accident happened on North Virginia Street near 17th Street at 11:50 last night following the University of Nevada Wolf Pack football game."
     "JK was crossing North Virginia Street when he was struck by a vehicle that the Reno Police Department says fled the scene.  Thanks to witness descriptions, the vehicle was located a short time later by a Washoe County Sheriff's Deputy." (From KTVN's website)

JK was my Cousin.  We spent a lot of time growing up together, and now part of my childhood is dead.

JK is survived by his wife and three young children.  Everything I think or feel about this pales in comparison to the absolute grief and devastation they must be going through.  I can't even begin to imagine, and tear up every time I try.

My father eulogized him thusly:

    "The person referred to in this broadcast is my Nephew, JK Metzker, who grew up with my children and whose life was suddenly extinguished by a drunk driver last night.  JK's life was a candle in an ink-black room illuminating life and hope and truth and love, and it was suddenly extinguished.  If the breeze from the wings of a butterfly can alter the destiny of earth, JK has changed the universe, and while I'm full of rage for the memories we'll never have, I'm enormously grateful for the wonderful times we did share" -- Bill Metzker

I love you JK.  If there is an afterlife, it will be my honor to meet you there.

So, being a beer-related blog, please let this be a potent reminder.  Be responsible.  We have all have family.  We all have friends.  I'm sure many of you have been touched similarly, so please, just take a frickin cab next time.


  1. Nice one, sweetheart.

    Also I just want to drink some beer. And lots of it. As you know, I've never had a license so that part is okay.

    Isn't this a fucking blindside? I don't know what to do with it.

  2. My robot code to post a comment just now was "blessn." So that was kind of cool.